Leadership Profile: Mark and Bridget Biermann

Married to Success: Mark & Bridget Biermann Talk Business

Your ideal business partner may just be an aisle’s walk away. Take it from us, Mark and Bridget Biermann. We’ve been married since 2001 and have really taken the meaning of “married to your work” to a new level.

We joined First Financial Security, Inc. in 2014 and are now Area Marketing Directors on the Empire Builders team. We were beyond thrilled to have recently earned a second diamond [making $200,000 in a rolling 12-months] for our Champions Club ring, a proud moment for both of us, given the fact that we’ve just celebrated our second anniversary with FFS.

FFS associates Mark and Bridget Biermann, successful life insurance agents in Minnesota When people ask us the secret to our success, we have to say that much of it can be attributed to working together as a husband and wife team. Working with your spouse may not be the easiest at times, but we feel like we’ve really done an excellent job managing the challenges. Our business is thriving under our current business plan, mostly because we’re positioned to use our individual strengths and talents where they serve our business best. Bridget, for instance, is a master multi-tasker in the office, while I’m better suited for the field. While that’s usually the way it works, that’s not to say that Bridget is limited to managing the office responsibilities. She may be the more logical choice for some clients. Ultimately we play to our strengths, but are still able and willing to wear multiple hats, whether that’s selling, training, presenting or building.

First Financial Security Inc leadership profile of Mark and Bridget Biermann, representatives of First Financial SecurityHaving a 24-hour-a-day accountability partner is also key for us. With each of us responsible for different areas that have to ultimately come together to deliver success, there’s a firm commitment to give 100% effort. There’s always someone there to keep the other on track, and continually offer motivation and encouragement—mixed in with a little playful teasing, just for fun. When we both know what the task is at hand, it allows us to both hyper focus and that makes us really powerful. It’s a strong force, and when we use it to challenge each other to work better and harder, it’s the perfect marriage of competition and success.

When you’re planning your life together, your career is a big part of it, and since we’re in control of where we can take it, we have the opportunity to create and share the same vision.  While Bridget helps me stay on task, she also lets me dream BIG and it’s exciting when we can do that together. We’re incredibly lucky to have that opportunity.

First Financial Security FFS is proud of this new couple in Minnesota for becoming successful life insurance agents through FFS, Mark and Bridget BiermannMany couples say they could never work together, that too much time spent together would spoil their relationship, but that’s not the case for us. We’ve actually tried to separate our work lives in the past, but felt a disconnect that that seemed to worsen with time. When Bridget was consulting for another business, we quickly came to the realization that she was helping to make someone else successful and we were unhappy working apart. That’s one of the reasons we came to First Financial Security. We were looking for an opportunity where we could work together and build a business. Amazingly, that uneasy feeling disappeared when we combined our efforts and joined FFS. We have a really strong connection. So much so that we can go for a 20-minute walk without saying a word but know exactly what the other is thinking.

We know it seems like it’s all work in the Biermann household, but we promise it’s not. As important as our work is, it’s equally as important to have fun.  We love to unwind by cooking gourmet meals together and we entertain friends often. We really enjoy experimenting with new recipes but definitely keep some longtime favorites in the mix - like my amazing homemade bacon wrapped, cedar plank meatloaf!

We’re hoping that other couples look to us and see that working with your spouse has tons of advantages and benefits, and not only can it be done, it can be done well. As for us, we’re excited to keep building our team and working to reach our next goal. With double the power and our hyper-focused vision, we’re looking forward to earning our third Champions Club diamond this year!