First Financial Security, Inc. (FFS) is a national brokerage agency that partners with some of the country’s leading insurance carriers. Together, we equip, train, and support thousands of FFS representatives who are licensed to deliver innovative financial products to households across America.

ChangingFaceFounded in 2006 and led by Co-CEOs Phil Gerlicher and Debbie Gerlicher and President Meg Jones, First Financial Security has grown into the premier financial services company meeting the needs of middle American families.

No matter what we do or with whom we interact, First Financial Security strives to “be better.”

We’ve created a solid business platform that will sustain our growth in years to come. We are confident in our systems, processes, and people to be better than anything our industry has known, better than our competitors, and as such our “better” will become the standard for our entire industry going forward.


Learn more about First Financial Security by visiting the following websites:

LisaInitiative.com - A powerful grassroots movement of First Financial Security, Inc. (FFS), to address the financial concerns that women from all walks of life experience every day in this country

FFSDDC.com - First Financial Security rewards its leaders for the hard work they put into taking care of their clients and building their businesses by sending them on the trip of a lifetime.  FFS’ annual Dream Destination Conference (DDC) combines the opportunity to travel the world, with both recognition and a business meeting.