Financial Friday Round-Up: January 25 – January 29, 2021

Welcome to our latest Financial Friday Round-Up, our weekly column filled with the best things for you to read, watch, or listen to regarding finance around the web. Below you will find an explanation of this week’s Wall Street short squeeze, an interview with an expert on college costs, a survey of businesses with issues of succession, and more.

What Exactly Is a Short Squeeze?

The biggest financial news has likely been all you have been hearing this week when Gamestop stock prices started soaring at the hands of speculation stemming from a Reddit forum. If you need a primer on what it means to short a stock and how a situation like this came to pass, check out this piece from Kiplinger which summarizes all you need to know to make sense of the news.

How Much Should Parents Really Pay for College? An Expert Explains in a New Book

The Price You Pay for College is a new book by the finance columnist at the New York Times which considers the realities of a college education and asks hard questions like, “What is it we are actually paying for?” and “Is one college a better investment than another?” The answer is complicated, and this interview with the author highlights some important statistics and summarizes key insights from this new book.

Succession: The Real-Life Crisis, Not the HBO Series

Worth published this interesting report this week covering the businesses which are having a hard time finding someone to take over when their owners retire. This real-life episode of Succession deals with issues of legacy familiar to the insurance industry and shines a light on a subject we tend not to think about when discussing entrepreneurship.

Term Life Insurance is Cheaper Than a Permanent Policy, But it Doesn't Include a Cash Value

This quick and simple piece from Business Insider this week covers the key benefits of cash value in permanent life insurance policies and can serve as a quick piece to share with any clients or family members who may need a primer on the subject.

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