It’s Important to Attend FFS Events

Whether it’s training, insightful speeches, or a chance to address important issues, attending FFS events provides valuable takeaways.

FFS events play an important role in a successful corporate culture. They provide time for networking and to confer about business trends. They’re ideal for face-to-face and interactive training. For First Financial Security, Inc., company events offer the best way to push out news and updates to a large group.

Zoua Vang First Financial Security, Inc. attending FFS events, Jump Start 2017Financial services organizations host events throughout the year to motivate, inform and continually educate their producers. Investing in your field force benefits everyone involved – the company, the independent business owner and the field associate. The key is pursuing these opportunities. As a business owner, you need to lead by example. Not only do you need to attend, but your team should be at as many events as they can. The secret to your team’s success is getting them to these company-sponsored events.

We met with First Financial Security Field Vice Presidents, Keng Thao and Zoua Vang. The power couple was eager to discuss how they use FFS events to grow their business and develop their teammates. Keng and Zoua’s success was recognized at FFS’ Leaders Convention 2016 (LC16) in Las Vegas. There, they received a Director of Motivation award for bringing the most, new associates to the event. They know how vital attending these events is to driving performance.

Keng Thao Unstoppable FFS eventsTogether, Keng and Zoua work closely with their team to maximize each event. “We strongly believe that we’re in the business of building and motivating people,” said Keng. “The best way to stretch their thinking and build confidence is through events that inspire and challenge them.”

“When they see someone like themselves rewarded for their success, they believe that they can do it, too,” said Zoua.

Competition and Recognition

Using competition in business in a healthy way encourages people to work harder and achieve more. It’s not always about money. Many people are more motivated by recognition.

FFS events, Leaders Convention LC16“When people know they’ll be recognized for their success, they’ll fight harder for it,” said Keng. “We direct our team to focus on one goal for each event, and fight to get on that stage. A healthy rivalry spurs growth, and without it, we’d lose our drive. Our business would die a little each day.”

Allowing top leaders to shine on stage is important to the process. It serves as an incentive to others to work to attain the same status. “It’s an incredible feeling when you’re up there on that big stage,” said Zoua. “Everyone should have the chance to experience that moment.”

The Benefits

Among the valuable benefits of attending an FFS event are:

  • Know you’re a part of something bigger.
  • Enjoy the fellowship at the meetings.
  • Draw on the energy from the crowds.
  • Share challenges and successes with others.
  • Learn from others.

This chance to network with fellow leaders from across the country cannot be replicated through a conference call or webinar.

Motivation Mania

Keng and Zoua work hard to motivate their team. But, they agree sometimes the team needs someone other than themselves to inspire and encourage. Attitudes change for the better when teammates hear from or interact with other leaders. “After each event, our entire team leaves believing that we can accomplish so much more,” said Zoua. “We feel unstoppable.  We want that from every event and for every person on our team.”

couple power first financial security, inc keng thao and zoua vang, field vice presidentsToday, Zoua and Keng have a team of more than 3,300 coded agents. What’s their secret to building a successful and engaged team? “One of our primary goals is to move these agents to the FFS events,” said Keng. “That’s where they get the best picture of what FFS is about and it fires them up!

“We urge our team to attend company events because they remind us that we’re here as a team,” explains Keng. “We have goals to achieve and a company full of people that stand behind us and want us to succeed.”

Whether it’s training, listening to insightful speeches, or addressing issues important to the field, FFS events provide valuable takeaways. It’s vital that associates are present and engaged during event sessions because it’s an experience that can’t be matched. Keng and Zoua are proof that a strong team presence at company events can lead to successful team building and performance.

Keng and Zoua are committed to bringing even more associates to Jump Start 2017 than they did to LC16. How many team members will you bring?