FFS Champions – A Month of Momentum in October

The month of October carried amazing momentum for many FFS leaders and their teams as we race towards the end of the year. You can check out the latest episode of FFS Champions to hear more about all the exciting contest updates, several agents achieving big cash flow milestones, and all the other top performances in the month of October.

Joshua John - October Game Ball

Congratulations to Joshua John on receiving an FFS Game Ball for an amazing month of October. Josh joined FFS in July of 2018 under Mark and Bridget Biermann's team up in Minnesota and is already leading the way in some major categories as a new business builder. In the month of October, Josh was ranked #5 in personal applications submitted.


Ama Vital - October Game Ball

Ama is another recent newcomer to FFS. She also joined FFS in July of 2018 and is already really getting after it. In October, Ama ranked #1 in personal recruits. An incredible accomplishment for a new leader already building a strong team in a very short time. She also was near the top in personal points in October. Congratulations to Ama Vital on a great month.