Financial Friday Round-Up: April 19 – April 23, 2021

Welcome to the latest Financial Friday Round-Up, our weekly column filled with the best things for you to read, watch or listen to regarding finance around the web. Below there are articles on leadership advice for engaging your team, how the cryptocurrency Ethereum works, a podcast on a rise in real estate agents, and more.

'Just Paint the Bathrooms': The Leadership Lesson a Fortune 500 Exec Swears by to Keep her Team Engaged

The best thing to do as a leader is to care about your team’s wellbeing by listening to employees and improving operational efficiency, according to Joyce Mullen of Insight Enterprises. For more tips on how to put this advice into action, read this piece from Business Insider this week.

Too Many Real Estate Agents

In the U.S. today, there are more real estate agents than there are houses for sale. This means real estate agents are not only dealing with more competition, but downturns in the housing market might be worse because of it. Listen to this new episode of the Planet Money podcast to find out why.

Still Paying for College at 65: A Growing Number of Americans Are Retiring With Student Debt

As more and more Americans take on student debt, some of the oldest are now entering retirement age while still owing money for their college education. Read more from this Money article about how the 8.5 million student debt holders who are 50 years or older plan to leave the working world.

How Ethereum Works: It Seems Like We’re Living in a Futuristic Alternate Universe

For better or worse, cryptocurrencies have been making a substantial impact on finance over the past ten years. Whether you plan to invest or not, it is worth it to learn about market factors like blockchain and cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum. For a beginner’s guide on how this technology works, check out this article from Worth.

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