Financial Friday Round-Up: April 26 – April 30, 2021

Welcome to the latest Financial Friday Round-Up, our weekly column filled with the best things for you to read, watch or listen to regarding finance around the web. Below you will find articles on entrepreneurs starting airlines, who will receive a tax extension this year, housing market prices, and more.

More Than 90 New Airlines Are Launching in 2021. They Say It’s the Perfect Time.

Entrepreneurs try to anticipate market needs and race to fill that space in time to make an impact. Most recently, some thrifty upstarts are taking advantage of the post-vaccination urge to travel again by starting an airline. For more on how they plan to do it, read this piece from Wall Street Journal.

These People Will Get An Automatic Extension On Their Taxes 

If you or a loved one were a victim of the winter storms that affected Texas, Louisiana, or Oklahoma this February, this article points to a new rule that could extend your tax deadline. Check out this guide from Forbes to find out if you qualify for the new tax extension deadline put forth by the IRS this week.

The Red-hot Housing Market isn't Likely to Crash Soon. Experts Warn Prices will Only Climb Higher from Here.

Business Insider talked to housing experts about growing worries of a housing bubble, but there seems to be little risk that this recent boom in the market will bust. Still, prices look like they will continue to rise. For more data and analysis on the subject, check out this insightful article.

The Perfect Storm for Retirees

As medical innovation helps us live longer, more people are spending time in retirement at the same time that pension plans are disappearing. Some retirees find they have to change their financial strategies to accommodate factors they could not anticipate when they made their initial retirement plan. For a potential solution, check out this new piece from Kiplinger.

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