Financial Friday Round-Up: August 16 – August 20, 2021

Welcome to the latest Financial Friday Round-Up, our weekly column filled with the best things for you to read, watch or listen to regarding finance around the web. Below you will find articles on the rising cost of owning a car, the entrepreneur’s path, an educational podcast, and more.

It Now Costs Nearly $10,000 a Year to Own a New Car

Owning a car costs a lot more than what is on the price tag when you factor in maintenance, insurance, registration and fuel. This article from Money reports that those costs are now at an all-time high — check out this piece to find out why.

Every Entrepreneur Comes To This Fork In The Road—Here’s How To Decide Your Path

Business owners spend their first year or so focusing on survival, but there comes a point in an entrepreneur’s career when they must make the decision to lead a small business or grow as big of an enterprise as they possibly can. This piece from Forbes outlines that decision and offers guidance for those who face it.

Planet Money Summer School 4: Bonds & Becky With The Good Yield

Planet Money has been putting out a series of educational podcasts called Summer School which cover aspects of financial education often missed in schools. This edition covers the basics of the bond market — listen for the chance to potentially learn something new.

Paying With a Credit Card? That’s Going to Cost You.

This week, The Wall Street Journal reported on a growing trend: more and more small businesses are charging a fee for credit card purchases and offering perks for paying with debit. Read this piece to find out why.

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