Financial Friday Round-Up: May 17 – May 21, 2021

Every week, our Financial Friday Round-Up compiles the best things to read, watch, or listen to regarding finance on the web. The articles below cover topics like the importance of money for startups, the difficulty of calculating risk, COVID-19 aid to theaters, and more.

We're Bad at Calculating Risk

In the life insurance industry, one becomes well-acquainted with our brains’ capacity to fixate on certain smaller risks like shark attacks and ignore larger ones like illness. The latest episode from the Planet Money podcast investigates the reasons for this disconnect and how we can overcome it.

The Importance of Money in the Different Startup Stages

Premature scaling is the main reason for new business failure, according to the Startup Genome project cited in this article from Forbes on why money is so important to building a business. Read more for a guide to what resources are necessary at each stage of a business’s growth.

Covid-19 Aid to Concert Halls, Theaters Set to be Distributed Next Week

As more and more Americans are vaccinated, people are anxious to return to pre-pandemic entertainment like movie theaters and performance venues. The industry, like most, was hit hard by the pandemic, but the Small Business Association will start giving aid to concert halls, theaters, and other live entertainment venues early next week. Read this piece from The Wall Street Journal for the details.

Aftershocks: The Funeral Industry Overcomes Challenges of the Past Year

Last year was a challenge for the funeral industry, as an increase in activity forced memorial services to change their business model to operate within federal guidelines while also handling a country-wide increase in grieving. Read this piece from Worth for a glimpse at what last year meant for an oft-overlooked industry.

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