Financial Friday Round-Up: November 16 – November 20, 2020

Every week, our Financial Friday Round-Up compiles the best things to read, watch, or listen to regarding finance on the web. The articles below include advice on selling your home in retirement, tips for virtual meetings and conferences, and more.

Planning to Sell Your Home in Retirement? Downsize Costs Along With Space

Today, buyers who are looking to sell their homes are in a tough spot, with high prices and less inventory. This makes it easy to overpay if you are looking to downsize in retirement. Kiplinger outlines some ways to ensure you get the most from your home sale.

4 Powerful Ways To Improve Creative Collaboration When Working Remotely

All year, Forbes has been doing work to help businesses adjust to virtual communication. Their series continues this week with great advice on how to work best with a virtual team, with unique tips such as “make room for mindfulness.”

A Study Shows Why You Shouldn't Just Rely on Google Maps or Yelp for Restaurant Reviews

Businesses have always been beholden to a degree of customer service, but with the rise of technology, the methods of customer feedback have been in the hands of a few companies like Yelp and Google. This illuminating report from Business Insider sheds light on just how inaccurate these reviews can be, creating what they call a “false simplicity.”

The Key to Creating Virtual Conferences That Work

Conferences are almost all virtual these days and will remain so for the foreseeable future. What have we learned after a year of holding large events over video? The Wall Street Journal took some time this week to advise businesses on how to structure their virtual conferences for the largest possible engagement.

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