Financial Friday Round-Up: November 2 – November 6, 2020

Every week, our Financial Friday Round-Up compiles the best things to read, watch, or listen to regarding finance on the web. The articles below include a guide to building credit, an exploration of how much to save for retirement, the importance of child care benefits for companies, and more.

How to Build Credit with Credit Cards and Improve Your Credit Score

The importance of good credit practices can never be overstated, and this week Business Insider provided a good reminder for anyone who wants a better credit score. You will find all the common tips here, including prompt payments, advice on utilization, and how to find the cards with good rewards programs.

How Much Should You Save for Retirement?

Money published a guide this week on how much you should be saving for the day you retire from the workforce, and it is a great read for anyone who wants to recalibrate after a tumultuous year. This piece gives advice on everything from what percentage you should save to what types of accounts you should be using to hold the savings.

Child Care Benefits May Be as Important as Healthcare If You Want To Keep Top Employees

This week, Forbes published an article about the importance of child care benefits in preventing employee turnover. As the pandemic continues to take its toll on child care and schooling, this piece is a great way to touch up on why this issue is so important to many Americans in the workforce.

How Leaders Are Tackling the Issues of Diversity, Inclusion and Equality

In the latest from their “Lonely CEO” column, Worth magazine put out this interesting investigation of the many ways different CEOs are solving problems of inclusion and diversity which are so prevalent in our time. These CEOs give a wide range of advice on accountability, consulting experts, and the benefits of getting comfortable with uncomfortable conversations for a better company.

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