Share Your Umbrella Podcast: A Conversation with Yetti Esatu

This week, Field Vice President Yetti Esatu sat down with the hosts of Share Your Umbrella for a lively discussion of real estate and insurance. We talked to Yetti about informing her fellow realtors about the importance of life insurance, how to stay educated on the latest financial products, and how her experience in the housing market helped her adapt to the changes of 2020. For this blog post, we have highlighted some excerpts of her interview for all to read.

See below for an excerpt of our conversation — you can listen to the full episode here.

How did you come to start working with FFS?

I’ve been a real estate agent since 2010. I am still an active real estate agent. A real estate background is very similar to insurance. They have differences, of course, but they complement each other very well. People come to a realtor to purchase a home and build some generational wealth or to secure their financial future.

But there is a difference between financial products and real estate, which goes up and down with the economy. I wish my equity would never go down, but that's not the nature of the real estate market. The similarity is that they are both still investments. On one side, we're dealing with the fixed market, and on the other, we're dealing with a product that is backed by the insurance commissioner and the government. It’s more secure. We can depend on it 100%.

When did you decide to take the first leap with FFS?

I had lunch with Shirley Luu one day. It was really an open discussion. The honesty, the integrity, and the company’s generosity really stuck out to me. I said, “I think this is what I’m looking for.”

What kind of challenges did you face when starting with FFS?

Once you transfer your license or you move from one company to another, for six months you're not really allowed to sell the same products. The company that I left had one of the carriers that we offer — of the many that we offer to our consumers. So I wasn’t able to sell those products.

It wasn’t a big problem because we have so many options with FFS. I was able to introduce clients to the other products until that six months was up, so it didn't really hurt me. That, I think, was the only real challenge.

The company I came from was pushing only one product. But I’m not here for me — in both industries, real estate and financial services, I am here for the consumers. Whatever I can do to fit their needs, even if I don't get paid, I have to provide it for them. So my heart was not so aligned with my old company. It was going in a different direction. I will never be satisfied if I don't offer what they are really looking for.

Our fiduciary relationship with our clients is just to offer everything, show them the differences between products, and let them see which one really gives them the most dollars. They are here to duplicate their money. They are here to grow their money. They're not here to make me as a friend. We want to secure their financial future. Friendship comes after that wonderful service has been provided.

Listen to our full conversation with Yetti Esatu for more valuable insight into running your own business.

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